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Upcoming Releases

Core Set 2021 - July 3rd
Jumpstart - July 17th
Double Masters - August 7th
Zendikar Rising - September 25th
Commander Legends - Q4 2020 (probably November or December)
Commander Collection Green - December 4th

Zendikar Rising Set Boosters Revealed!

During the Magic the Gathering panel at ComicCon@Home Mark Rosewater, head of Magic the Gathering Design at Wizards, announced a new type of booster pack coming with Zendikar Rising: Set Boosters!  What these are are a new type of booster designed for people who just want to buy packs to open them, rather than to use for a Draft or Sealed event.  Regular packs, referred to since Collector Packs first came out as Draft Packs, are balanced for play in booster drafts or sealed events, so for players who just want to open them, they quickly reach point where you skip over most of the contents and head straight for the rare or mythic rare.  Set Packs are designed to be a much more fun experience when opening, and have a chance of having up to 4 rare or mythic rare cards in each pack.  They're also bringing back the Art Cards that were included in Modern Horizons packs, except where that set had 54 Art Cards, Zendikar Rising will have 81.  Set Packs will have 12 cards per pack, plus one Art Card and one Token/Ad, and Set Pack booster boxes will have 30 packs in them.  They are also expected to cost approximately $1 more than regular booster packs.

But wait, there's more!

Rosewater also announced that the Token/Ad slot in each set pack will have a 25% chance of being replaced with a card from what he refers to as The List.  This is a list of 300 cards from throughout the 27 year history of Magic the Gathering.  They will be done the same way as the cards in Mystery Boosters: keeping the original frame from the set they were released in, with only a small Planeswalker Symbol in the lower left corner to show that they aren't the original printing.  This list is NOT the same as the Reserve List, and will almost certainly NOT contain cards from that list, contrary to rumors that are currently going around.

Commander Collection Green Update

Due to production delays caused by COVID-19, Commander Collection Green has been delayed until December 4th. 

Double Masters: Double the Rares

UPDATE 7/31/20: As of this morning, the entire set has been revealed!

This August Wizards us releasing Double Masters, the latest Master set.  What sets this one apart from the others is that with this one every pack has 2 rare or mythic rare cards, and 2 foil cards (which could also be rare or mythic rare).  Each box will also come with 2 non-foil box toppers with full art versions of cards from a list of 40 rare or mythic rare cards in the set.  Preorder prices will be announced closer to when the set releases.

New Set Announced: Jumpstart!

Coming July 17th, Wizards is bringing players a new way to jump into the game: Jumpstart.  This set will be made up of 20 card booster packs, each with a theme.  To play with the set, you take two packs and shuffle them together for a ready to play deck.  Most themes will have many different variations, but there will be some mythic themes which only ever have one version, because, as Wizards stated in their announcement, "there is only one true unicorn deck."

The set will include almost 500 reprints, and 37 new cards which will only be legal in Eternal formats (Vintage, Legacy, and Commander)! The set will also be legal in the Historic format in MTG Arena.

 Preorder prices are listed on our Magic Events page.

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