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Upcoming Releases

Unsanctioned - February 28th
Mystery Boosters - March 13th
Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths - April 24th
Jumpstart - July 3rd
Core Set 2021 - July 3rd
Zendikar Rising - Q3 2020 (probably late September or early October)
Commander Collection Green - 2020, likely Q4
Commander Legends - Q4 2020 (probably November or December)


New Set Announced: Jumpstart!

Coming July 3rd, Wizards is bringing players a new way to jump into the game: Jumpstart.  This set will be made up of 20 card booster packs, each with a theme which will be printed on the pack so that you know what you're getting.  To play with the set, you take two packs, add basic lands, and shuffle them together for a ready to play deck.  Most themes will have many different variations, but there will be some mythic themes which only ever have one version, because, as Wizards stated in their announcement, "there is only one true unicorn deck."

The set will include almost 500 reprints, and 37 new cards which will only be legal in Eternal formats (Vintage, Legacy, and Commander)!  From what I understand, the set will also be legal in the Historic format in MTG Arena.

There will be casual prerelease events for this set on June 20th and 21st, exactly one week before the prerelease for Core Set 2021, and we will be among the stores hosting them.  Ours will start at noon each day and go until either we run out of players or the store closes, whichever comes first.  Players who win enough matches will receive a promo card, though which card has yet to be announced.  Pricing will be announced at a later date, once we know how much the set will cost us to order.

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