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2019 Challenger Decks - April 12th
War of the Spark - May 3rd
Modern Horizons - June 14th
Core Set 2020 - July 12th
Commander 2019 - August 23rd

Modern Horizons Preorders Now Available!

Booster Box: $199.99 cash or $209.99 on card*

Signature Spellbook Gideon Preorders Now Available!

2019 Challenger Deck!
Available in-store now!

United Assault: $24.99
Lightning Aggro: $29.99
Deadly Discover: $24.99
Arcane Tempo: $44.99

Set of All Four: $109.99

War of the Spark Booster boxes!
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Complete Booster Boxes!

$119.99 with Cash
$129.99 with Card

They come with buy-box promos while supplies last!

Want more info on our War of the Spark Events? Check out our Magic Events page.