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Upcoming Releases

Challenger Decks - April 6th
Duel Decks Elves vs Inventors - April 6th
Dominaria - April 27th
Battlebond - June 8th
Commander Anthology Volume 2 - June 8th
Signature Spellbook: Jace - June 15th
Global Series Jiang Yanggu & Mu Yanling - June 22nd
Core 2019 - July 13th
Commander 2018 - August 10th

New Commander Format: Brawl!

With the release of Dominaria Wizards will also be rolling out a new Commander format called Brawl!  This format uses most of the same rules as regular Commander, but with a few exceptions:
-Only cards in the Standard format are allowed.
-60 card deck instead of 100.
-Each player starts with 30 life instead of 40.

Dominaria Buy-A-Box Promo And Preorder Availability

Wizards recently announced that the Buy-A-Box promo for Dominaria will be a new Legendary creature called Firesong and Sunspeaker , and it will only be available as a Buy-a-Box promo!  In other words, it will not be in booster packs of Dominaria!

Speaking of booster packs, Wizards also announced that participating stores will be allowed to hand out preordered booster boxes of Dominaria during prerelease weekend! 

MTG Dominaria Buy-A-Box Promo

Dominaria Leak

On March 8th, the release notes for Dominaria were posted online in Chinese.  Instead of letting poorly translated versions start showing up Wizards chose to release the officially translated version shortly after the release.  With the release notes we now know the mechanics of 142 cards out of the 269 that will be in the set, as well as how all of the main mechanics in the set will work.  Here are a few highlights:
-Legendary cards will be a major focus of the set.
-Kicker is returning in this set.
-This set introduces a new type of enchantment called Sagas.
-This set introduces Legendary Sorceries, which can only be cast if you control a Legendary permanent.
-As of the release of this set, damage can no longer be redirected to Planeswalkers.  As part of this, many old cards will receive errata to make it so they can target Planeswalkers.
-Karn, Jaya Ballard, and Teferi will all be Planeswalkers in the set, and a version of Chandra will be in one of the Planeswalker packs.