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Magic the Gathering Amonkhet Preorders
SpaceCat has Amonkhet preorders available now! Here are our prices:

Booster Box: $86.99 cash or $89.99 credit
Bundle: $34.99
Planeswalker Pack: $13.99
Planeswalker Pack Set of 2: $23.99

Note: Preorders will still be available after release for boxes from restock orders.

Magic the Gathering Amonkhet Release Prices
Amonkhet releases on Friday April 28th. Here are our prices:

Booster Box: $99.99
Bundle: $39.99
Planeswalker Pack: $14.99
Prerelease Pack: $23.99

Amonkhet booster box purchases will include one copy of the Amonkhet Buy-A-Box promo, Archfiend of Ifnir, while supplies last.

Magic the Gathering Amonkhet Release Events

On Saturday April 29th SpaceCat will be hosting two events to celebrate the release of Amonkhet! There will be a sealed event at 2:00 PM, which will cost $25 to enter, and a draft at 7:00, which will cost $13.99* to enter. Prizes for the sealed event will depend on the number of players in the event, with a minimum of pack per match win. Prizes for the draft will be pack per match win. The Draft will be a part of Amonkhet Draft Weekend, and as such we will have Draft Weekend promos to hand out.

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