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MTG Core 2020 Booster Box
Core Set 2020 Preorders Now Available!

Booster Box: $99.99 cash or $109.99 card*^
Bundle: $36.99 cash or $38.99 card
Deck Builder's Toolkit: $17.99

*Comes with Buy-A-Box Promo while Supplies Last
^Available for pickup Prerelease Weekend, July 6th and 7th

Modern Horizons Now Available!
Booster Box: $210.99 cash or $218.99 on card*

Signature Spellbook Gideon Preorders Now Available!

War of the Spark!

Booster Box: $119.99 cash or $129.99 on card*
Planeswalker Decks: $14.99 each
Booster Pack: $3.99

Ravnica Allegiance Guild Kits

Gruul: $17.99
Simic: $18.99
Azorius: $16.99
Orzhov: $28.99
Rakdos: $23.99

Guilds of Ravnica Guild Kits
Izzet: $21.99
Golgari: $17.99
Boros: $23.99
Dimir: $22.99
Selesnya: $29.99

Guilds of Ravnica
Booster Pack: $3.99
Booster Box: $109.99 (Buy-A-Box Promos are still available!)
Bundle: $39.99
Planeswalker Pack: $14.99

Spellslinger Starter Set:

Commander 2018 Subjective Reality:
Commander 2018 Adaptive Enchantment:
Commander 2018 Nature's Fury:
Commander 2018 Exquisite Invention:

Global Series Jiang Yanguu & Mu Yanling:

Magic the Gathering Saturday Night Commander!

Every Saturday,
SpaceCat is hosting free Saturday Night Commander at 7:00 PM! Come join us to play the best Magic the Gathering format there is!

Magic the Gathering Core Set 2020 Open House

On Saturday June 29th SpaceCat will be hosting Core Set 2020 Open House!  This is an event for new or returning players to learn how to play the game in preparation for Core Set 2020 Prerelease the following weekend.  Each player who participates will receive a Welcome Deck, an Open House promo card (which has not been revealed yet), and lessons on how to play the game.  If we get enough interested players we will run a booster draft that afternoon as well.  Open House starts at noon, and is free to enter.  The draft will start at approximately 3:00 PM if we have enough interested players, and will cost our usual draft price to enter.


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