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Masters 25 Preorders

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Challenger Decks

$39.99 for the Hazoret deck
$29.99 each for the other three decks
$119.99 for a set of 4 decks

Duel Decks Elves vs Inventors

Magic the Gathering Staurday Night Commander!

Every Saturday,
SpaceCat is hosting free Saturday Night Commander at 7:00 PM! Come join us to play the best Magic the Gathering format there is!

Rivals of Ixalan Standard Showdown!

Just like Kaladesh, Amonkhet, Hour of Devastation, and Ixalan, Rivals of Ixalan will have Standard Showdown events! SpaceCat will hold one of these events every Saturday at 2:00 PM starting on February 3rd and ending on March 31st. We will have Standard Showdown packs to award as prizes to at least the top 3 players.

Rivals of Ixalan Store Championship

Once again it is time to determine the Store Champion!  Rivals of Ixalan Store Championship will be held on Saturday April 7th at 2:00 PM!  This will be a booster draft, and will cost $13.99 to enter.  Each player who enters will receive a promo card from the upcoming Dominaria set.  The top 8 players will receive a deck box with art from Dominaria.  The player who takes first place will also receive a Store Champion playmat.  What these will look like has not been announced yet.


Dominaria Open House

If you're interested in learning Magic the Gathering, this is the event for you!  Held two weeks before the release of a new standard set, Open House is an event where new players can come and get lessons on how to play the oldest and greatest collectible card game from our experienced staff and regular Magic players!  This event will be held on Sunday April 15th, starting at 12:00 noon.  Lessons will continue to be given periodically after that as more people arrive.  If enough of the new players are interested in trying it, a booster draft will be held starting at 3:00 PM.  The lessons are free, but the draft will cost our usual draft price to enter.  All participants will receive a promo card from the upcoming Dominaria set which hasn't been revealed yet.  Once Wizards announces it we'll post it here.  We hope you'll join us to

Dominaria Prerelease and Preorders

This April, Magic the Gathering goes back to its roots with a return to Dominaria, the core plane, where MTG began back in 1993!  SpaceCat will be holding prerelease events for the new set on the weekend of April 21st and 22nd.  We will have events at 2:00 PM and 7:00 PM on Saturday April 21st, and at the same times on Sunday April 22nd.  The 2:00 PM event on the 21st will be our Premier Event!  Preregistration for that event is now open for $15.99 per person!  The other three events will be $25 each, though you can get discounts for playing in a draft during the week leading up to the prerelease events (Wednesday April 18th or Friday April 20th), playing in more than one prerelease event, and/or being a new player here.

We also have Dominaria products available for preorder!

Booster Box: $99.99 card or $89.99 cash
Bundle: $34.99 card or $31.99 cash