Magic Events

Now available for Preorder:

Battlebond - Releases June 8th
$89.99 cash or $99.99 card

Commander Anthology Volume 2 - Releases June 8th

Signature Spellbook: Jace - Releases June 15th

Global Series Jiang Yanguu & Mu Yanling - Releases June 22nd

Magic the Gathering Staurday Night Commander!

Every Saturday,
SpaceCat is hosting free Saturday Night Commander at 7:00 PM! Come join us to play the best Magic the Gathering format there is!


Dominaria Prices:

Booster Box: $109.99

Bundle: $39.99
Planeswalker Deck: $14.99


Dominaria Standard Showdown

Every Saturday through June 16th, SpaceCat will be hosting Dominaria Standard Showdown!  This is a Standard Constructed event, so bring your best Standard-format deck if you want to compete for Standard Showdown packs.  Each event costs $5.00 to enter.