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SpaceCat Has a New Location!

1415 W San Carlos St, San Jose, CA, 95126! Telephone 408-280-7257.

Magic the Gathering Hour of Devastation Release Events!
Sealed event Saturday (July 15th) at 2:00 PM, and a Draft Saturday (July 15th) at 7:00 PM!

SpaceCat Back Issue Sale*
Bagged Back issues Under $6 are $0.50!
Back issues Under $10 are $1.00!
Back issues Under $20 are 75% Off!
Back issues Under $50 are 30% Off!
*Back issue sale does not include sale items, front tables items, or behind the counter.
Back issue sale only includes items on the tables in the back or the shelves along the back wall.
Card Boxes--Magic, PokeMon and more: 20 % off pack price
Toys--We've just lowered the prices on all our toys.
Magic display Mobiles: 1/2 off lowest marked price.

Upcoming Magic the Gathering events!

Magic the Gathering Hour of Devastation Preorders
SpaceCat has Hour of Devastation preorders available now! Here are our prices:

Booster Box: $85.99 cash or $89.99 credit
Bundle: $31.99 cash or 34.99 credit

Magic the Gathering Amonkhet Prices
Amonkhet is now available. Here are our prices:

Booster Box: $99.99
Bundle: $39.99
Planeswalker Pack: $14.99
Prerelease Pack: $23.99

Amonkhet booster box purchases will include one copy of the Amonkhet Buy-A-Box promo, Archfiend of Ifnir, while supplies last.

Used Comic Long Boxes with lids!

$0.25 each
We have a limited supply, so come get them before they're gone!

SpaceCat is a family owned, local store striving to provide our community with the best and latest comics, vintage video games, and Magic: the Gathering. SpaceCat carries every new comic and the largest selection of Trade Paperbacks and Graphic Novels, as well as 50,000 back issues including rare issues!

SpaceCat has one of the most extensive collections available for sale in the New World of vintage video games, consoles and accessories!

Come play Magic: the Gathering with us in a safe, friendly, inviting environment every Wednesday and Friday Night.

SpaceCat is pleased to offer subscriptions and preorders for comics and specialty items as a free service!

DCI Sanctioned Wednesday Night Magic - 7:00 PM - Draft ($13.99 +tax)*

DCI Sanctioned Friday Night Magic - 7:00 PM - Draft ($13.99 +tax)*

Check out our gaming page for more info!
We strive for a fun, competitive Magic environment. Ask us for help and know the Magic Rules.

*$1 discount with DCI/Contact Information on file.

1415 W San Carlos St
San Jose, CA 95126

Telephone 408.280.7257

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