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SpaceCat Has Moved!

SpaceCat has moved to our new location, 1415 W San Carlos St, San Jose, CA, 95126! Telephone 408-280-7257.

Magic the Gathering Shadows over Innistrad Gameday

Saturday April 30th and Sunday May 1st

SpaceCat! will be hosting Gameday events for Shadows over Innistrad! The first will be at 2:00 PM on Saturday April 30th. The second will be at 3:00 PM on Sunday May 1st. Each event will cost $8 to enter. These will be standard constructed events. This means you will need to bring your own 60 card minimum deck with an optional sideboard of up to 15 cards. It's standard format, so only cards printed in Dragons of Tarkir, Magic Origins, Battle for Zendikar, Oath of the Gatewatch, or Shadows over Innistrad can be used. There will be a minimum of 3 rounds, with more being added as needed based on how many players we get. Everyone who participates gets a full art uncommon from Shadows over Innistrad just for playing. The top 8 players get a full art foil rare from Shadows over Innistrad for getting that far. First place gets a special playmat.
We hope to see you here!

SpaceCat May Day Madness!

May 1st - May 8th

This May SpaceCat is having five sales in the span of a week!

The first is Faux Batman Day on May 1st.
Everything in the store (except exceptions below*) will be %10 off, but you have to say "Give me the Batman Day Discount" to get it.

The second, which actually lasts from May 2nd through May 8th, is Children's Book Week.
All juvenile, animated, cartoon, and/or children's merchandise (except exceptions below*) will be 10% off for all of those days, but you have to ask for the Children's Book Week discount to get it.

The third is May 4th, or May the Fourth Be with You, a celebration of all things Star Wars (except Jar Jar Binks)!
All Star Wars merchandise in the store (except exceptions below*) will be 10% off that day!

The fourth is May 5th, better known as Cinco de Mayo, a celebration of Mexican history and heritage!
All Hispanics, those claiming to be Hispanic, and anyone who asks about the Cinco sale will get 10% off everything in the store (except exceptions below*)

Last but not least is May 7th, Free Comic Book Day!
Free Comic Book Day will feature the usual free comics, with everyone who visits getting at least one free comic, as well as 10% off everything in the store (except exceptions below*)

*Saver items, subscription items, items otherwise on sale, and sealed Magic the Gathering products are not on sale. The only exception to that is regular Magic the Gathering booster boxes, which will be on sale for $99.99 during all of the sales mentioned above.

Don't miss May Day Madness at SpaceCat!

DC Rebirth Midnight Release Party!

Midnight Tuesday (May 24th) night/Wednesday (May 25th) morning

SpaceCat will be having a midnight launch party for DC Universe: Rebirth #1! All new DC Comics titles coming out on May 25th will be available for purchase at that party! We will also have the special Midnight Release variant cover for DC Universe: Rebirth #1, featuring art by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado, available, as well as the 1:100 limited variant cover featuring an alternate version of the art by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado! Come celebrate DC Universe: Rebirth at SpaceCat!

Marvel titles releasing on May 25th will also be available for sale at the Midnight Release Party!

That includes Captain America Steve Rodgers #1 and Nighthawk #1, among others.

SpaceCat is a family owned, local store striving to provide our community with the best and latest comics, vintage video games, and Magic: the Gathering. SpaceCat carries every new comic and the largest selection of Trade Paperbacks and Graphic Novels, as well as 50,000 back issues including rare issues!

SpaceCat has the most extensive collection available in the New World of vintage video games, consoles and accessories for sale!

Come play Magic: the Gathering with us in a safe, friendly, inviting environment every Wednesday and Friday Night.

SpaceCat is pleased to offer subscriptions and preorders for comics and specialty items as a free service!

DCI Sanctioned Wednesday Night Magic - 7:00 PM - Draft ($12.99 +tax)

DCI Sanctioned Friday Night Magic - 7:00 PM - Draft ($12.99 +tax)

Check out our gaming page for more info!
We strive for a fun, competitive Magic environment. Ask us for help and know the Magic Rules.

1415 W San Carlos St
San Jose, CA 95126

Telephone 408.280.7257

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