Gaming Calendar

Commander Legends Battle for Baldur's Gate Prerelease

We will be hosting prerelease events for Commander Legends Battle for Baldur's Gate on June 3rd at 7:00 PM and on June 4th at 2:00 PM and 7:00 PM.  Each event will cost $29.99 plus tax to enter.  MASKS WILL BE REQUIRED AT THESE EVENTS!  These will be Commander Draft events, rather than the usual sealed style of prerelease event.  These are done the same as a normal draft, except that each player takes 2 cards per pick instead of 1, and your're trying to build a 60 card Commander deck.  Everything in the deck must be of a color is in your Commander's Color Scheme (or colorless).  Unlike normal Commander, you are allowed to use as many copies of a card as you draft in your deck (in normal Commander you can only use one copy of each card in your deck [with the exception of basic lands, which you can use as many of as you need]).  Players will then be seperated into groups of 4 to play one four way game with the deck they drafted.  Since this is Commander format, each player starts with 40 life points and with their deck's Commander and Background in the Command Zone.  Players can be eliminated in the same ways as in a normal game of Magic, or by taking at least 21 cumulative damage from a single Commander. 

Each player who participates in a game will receive 2 Set Packs of Commander Legends Battle for Baldur's Gate for participating, and a player who eliminates another player will receive an additional Set Pack.  There will also be a small quantity of challenge packs that will be awarded for completing certain challenges while playing.  The first player in the event who completes the challenge gets the pack, and there will only be one pack awarded per challenge.  What are the challenges?  You will have to come to the events to see.

FNM is back at SpaceCat!

We're holding FNM every Friday at 7:00 PM!  It costs $19.99 to enter.  Starting on April 29th we will be drafting Streets of New Capenna.  Prizes will be set pack per match win, plus a few promo prize packs.  MASKS WILL BE REQUIRED AT THESE EVENTS!