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So you didn't make it to SpaceCat on Wednesday and when you show up on Friday the book you've been waiting for has sold out. You can wait for a transfer, restock, and sometimes for the Trade Paperback to come out, but it just isn't the same is it? We've all been there, so we've developed a subscription system.

Our "Savers" system is a free service we offer to our valued customers (like you!) All you have to do is complete the SpaceCat Savers form or discuss with any SpaceCat team member to have your favorite comics, Trades, Graphic Novels, Hardcovers and specialty items (such as Shirts, mugs, toys and games) held for you every week. If it's in Previews (a Diamond Comics Distribution company's list of products) we can get it for you. We require valid contact info, and that you let us know if you won't be in at least every few weeks.

Even better, you can arrange to be called or emailed when your favorite books come in, and we can order specialty items for you as well!.

We can also track down many books from the past year or so, and sell them to you at cover price. Let us know!

Be sure to check out the newest releases for info on upcoming comics, toys, & more.
We welcome advance & special orders.

To sign up for our Savers program, print out the form from this link and bring it to any SpaceCat team member or

Email with your list or any Savers related questions.

1415 West San Carlos Street
San Jose, CA 95126

Telephone 408.280.7257

E-mail us any questions

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