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SpellJammer 5e Regular CoverD&D 5e SpellJammer Alt Art

SpellJammer Adventures in Space 5e!

We are selling both the Main cover and the Game Store Exclusive covers at SpaceCat! $69.95 + tax!

Board your space ship and blast off for adventure in the depths of the Astral Plane and Wild Space!  Back as an official set for the first time since AD&D 2e, Spelljammer allows DMs to run campaigns in a space setting using D&D 5e rules.  Spelljammers are ships capable of traveling through the Astral Sea and through Wild Space.  This set allows DMs to create campaigns using those ships.  It also introduces a bunch of new monsters and a handful of new player races that make their home in this setting. 

The next D&D 5e book, Dragonlance Shadow of the Dragon Queen, will be available on December 6th!

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