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SpaceCat now proudly sells Final Fantasy Trading Card Starter Sets and boosters!
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In-Store we provide a variety of D&D 5e manuals, figures, and dice. Check out our selection to see what new adventures may await you!

SpaceCat has begun hosting a D&D 5th Edition campaign!  We have four players right now, but would be willing to add a few more.  Our DM is willing to allow 7 players in the party, but no more than that.  If you are interested in playing, contact us at savers@superspacecat.com to sign up!  If we get more people signing up than will fit in the party the extras will be placed on a waiting list.  If anyone in the current party has to leave the game we'll go down the waiting list to find a replacement.  This campaign meets on Monday evenings (when schedules align), usually at 8:00 PM.  We're currently running Curse of Strahd.

Eberron Rising from the Last War D&D 5e!

We are selling both the Main cover and the Game Store Exclusive covers at SpaceCat! $49.95 + tax!

After a century of civil war, the Last War came to an end two years ago with the Treaty of Thronehold.  This came not because the various factions fighting for control of Khorvaire actually wanted to end the conflict, but because a disaster of unknown cause, known as the Mourning, struck the kingdom of Cyre.  Millions died, and the entirety of Cyre was warped by the mysterious fog that now covers the region, which is now known as the Mournland.  Peace only came because the remaining factions were terrified of the same thing happening in their own territory.   Now, as an adventurer in this war-torn land, you set out to make your mark, and maybe solve the mystery of the Mourning while you're at it.  New races, a new class, and a new continent await in Eberron Rising from the Last War!

Stranger Things D&D

Based on the hit Netflix TV show, we have the D&D Stranger Things edition! Limited supplies in store, get them while we have them in stock!

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