Our Magic turnout regularly has 6-10 friendly players per evening.
We strive for a fun, competitive Magic environment. Ask us for help and know the
Magic Rules.

Friday Night Magic - 7:00 PM - Draft ($19.99 +tax)


3-0: 3 Set packs or a Free Draft!
2-1: 2 Set packs
1-2: 1 Set pack

 SpaceCat Draft FAQ's:

  • Each player receives 3 packs to draft with the other players.
  • All players who win at least one matches get a pack for each match they won
  • First place players in each pod will get a premium promo pack for the set we draft. Second place will get a regular promo pack.
As of Core Set 2020, the special prize is one of the Universal Prize Packs.  Going 3-0 guarantees a pack (which will be a premium all foil pack on Fridays), second place gets a non-foil pack, and we usually give last place a non-foil pack as a consolation prize.  For Streets of New Capenna these packs each contain 4 cards: one of five alternate art promo cards, one promo stamped rare or mythic rare from Streets of New Capenna, one promo stamped rare or mythic rare from any other Standard legal set, and one code card good for a booster pack of Streets of New Capenna in Magic the Gathering Arena.


Sealed Tournaments are $29.99
Standard Tournaments are $8

Players seeking other formats of MTG, let us know on  our Facebook page, and we will do our best to support more MTG play.