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Check out our Events Calendar to see when your favorite games are being played. Improve your game, meet new people, win great prizes, and have tons of fun.

Our Magic turnout regularly has 10-16 friendly players an evening.
We strive for a fun, competitive Magic environment. Ask us for help and know the Magic Rules.

DCI Sanctioned Wednesday Night Magic - 7:00 PM - Draft ($13.99 +tax)*
Wednesday tournaments provide an opportunity to win exclusive Magic promos

DCI Sanctioned Friday Night Magic - 7:00 PM - Draft ($13.99 +tax)*
Playing at Friday Night Magic earns DOUBLE Planeswalker Points

SpaceCat Draft FAQ's:
  • Each player receives 3 packs to draft with the other players.
  • All players who win at least two matches get a pack for each match they won
  • First and second place players in each pod will get a special additional prize.
On Wednesdays our special prize is a promo especially picked from previous Friday Night Magic events.
On Fridays our special prize is the Friday Night Magic alternate art foil promo card of the month.

SpaceCat Special: Your first draft is $2 off!

There are three FNM Promos for late January, February, March, and early April, all of which are double sided tokens.

Sealed Tournaments are $25
Standard Tournaments are $5

Players seeking other formats of MTG, let us know on our Facebook page, and we will do our best to support more MTG play.

*$1 discount with DCI/Contact Information on file.

1415 West San Carlos St
San Jose, CA 95126

Telephone 408.280.7257

E-mail us any questions

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