Custom Products

Yes, we now offer a wide range of custom prints, posters, t-shirts and more! Here below you will find a couple of examples of these items, in addition you will find the required information to purchase your very own custom product.


We offer a wide range of T-Shirts at SpaceCat. Everything from DTG (direct to garment) printed shirts, "all over" dye sublimation printed shirts, custom vinyl transfer shirts and even holographic foil shirts. Below you will find examples of the various t-shirts we can design and create for you.

Dye Sublimation All Over printed shirts

The latest craze in the fashion world is dye sublimation. This printing process allows you to print over the entire area of the shirt. Colors are really vibrant and seem to pop! Design is only limited by your imagination, the sky is the limit. Dye sublimation can only be printed on synthetic fibers, so only polyester shirts are available for our dye sublimated shirts. In addition dye sublimation only works with white shirts you can not sublimate a black shirt.

DTG (direct to garment) printed shirts

Remember the old days when you would go down to your local t-shirt shop and choose a design from the wall and have it pressed on a shirt for you? DTG replaced that and that is why you don't find t-shirt shops anymore. DTG is a process where the design is printed directly on to the garment using brilliant colorfast inks. DTG printing also allows for the design to be printed on both light and dark colored fabrics. As for designs, again you are only limited by your imagination. Anything you want.

Custom Cut Vinyl Transfers

We can create custom vinyl transfers and then press them onto the shirt of your choice. These transfers are permanent and are available in a wide variety of colors everything from standard colored vinyl to holographic, to glitter. Time to get your bling on! The vinyl transfers can be applied to both light and dark colored shirts.

Custom metallic foil shirts

These shirts really stand out in a crowd. They pop with shiny metallic finishes. A variety of colors are available, everything from gold to copper to chrome! These shirts really must be seen to appreciate the true metallic features. These designs can be applied to both light and dark colored fabrics.

Your own design

Yes we can print your own design of your choice, just provide the artwork or photo you would like with your order it's as simple as that.

Below is the pricing schedule for the various shirts.

Shirt Type Shirt size Shirt Price
Dye Sublimation S,M,L,XL  
Dye sublimation 2XL,3XL  
Vinyl Transfer S,M,L,XL  
Vinyl Transfer 2XL,3XL  
Foil/Holographic S,M,L,XL  
Foil/Holographic 2XL,3XL  
Your design S,M,L,XL  
Your design 2XL,3XL  

At the bottom of this page you will find a contact form. Please use this form to submit any requests or shirt design ideas. Please in your message be sure to include the following information...

Shirt type - dye sublimation, DTG, Vinyl or Foil/holographic
Shirt Size - S, M, L, XL, XXL, and XXXL
Shirt Color - Applies to all except dye sublimation)
Mens or Womens - mens crew or womens crew


Custom Posters & Prints

Below you will find just a handful of examples of the fantastic full color high resolution prints we have available. These prints are the highest in quality. The 11" x 17" and 13" x 19" prints  come in a super high gloss finish. The 16" x 20" , 18" x 24",  and the 24" x 36" come in a matte finish. Click on the thumbnails below to view in high resolution.

Custom Cut Vinyl Stickers

We offer a large range of custom cut "one off" vinyl decals, and can even create your own custom decals at your request. There are a variety of colors and styles to choose from. Below are some examples of some of our custom decals.

Here is our contact form feel free to send in any questions and or requests you may have.


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